Export Control Consulting

Export Control Consulting

Professional and comprehensive litigation and auditing compliance support.

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About ECR’s Export Control Consulting

Years of Experience

ECR is a subsidiary of ITR LLC (www.itr-llc.com), the premier consulting firm in trade remedies proceedings (antidumping and subsidy) and World Trade Organization dispute resolution. For over 25 years, ITR has provided litigation support to law firms and their clients in more than 100 trade remedy proceedings in more than 30 countries, covering over 70 diverse products in manufacturing, consumer and agricultural industries. While at Grant Thornton1, they worked with Commerce to develop the internal control requirements in its regulations, trained Commerce personnel and conducted export compliance audits.

ECR leverages these years of experience and ITR’s extensive accounting and auditing skills to assist law firms and their clients in complying with export control regulations.

Export Control Consulting Services

ECR’s highly experienced accountants work together with counsel to devise the methodology to implement an export control compliance program for the exporter. ECR’s export control consulting services include:

  1. Developing an effective export control compliance program.

  2. Conducting periodic audits.

  3. Providing training to company personnel.

ECR also has standard audit and training programs that can be tailored to the specific requirements of the exporter.

Importance of Compliance

Developing an internal compliance program and having an external accountant conduct audits every few years will help mitigate the exporter's risk in complying with these increasingly complex export requirements and avoiding severe civil and criminal penalties.

1The entity that is now ITR was formerly a joint venture with Grant Thornton LLP, an international accounting and consulting firm.